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KAPWAN Mission and Vision?


KAPWA means a lot of things. It is giving, sharing, caring, helping one another and working togethere with the “bayanihan” spirit in mind. Most of all KAPWA is a place to enjoy and have fun with friends. The mission of KAPWA is to uplift the Filipino spirit and uphold the Filipino values and preserves the Filipino culture, heritage, and traditions

To keep the oraganiztion stable and pass it to the next generation to generations to come

To raise social awareness that will heighten the members’ interest and desire to respond to the needs of the Filipino community in their adopted country

To enrich them with programs and activities that are helpful to them as they assimilate into the mainstream, so that in the end they will become productive citizens and bring about postive image and identity worth emulating by the present and the next generations of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans.

KAPWA is a  registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our status can be verified with the IRS.

Kapwa Westchester performed dance number “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira with Wyclef Jean for FUN IN THE SUN FALConn Summer Event 2011



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